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Melag Premium Vacuklav 41 B+ - 18 Litre - Includes 6 Trays + On Board Logger - Stand Alone

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Melag Premium Vacuklav+ 41B

This efficient autoclave for practices has the same record operational times as the almost identical Vacuklav 40 B+. It is possible to remove unwrapped instruments after only 10 minutes and wrapped instruments after only 17 minutes, with the innovative twin chamber technology, using the "Class B" program.

This includes, in each case, fractioned pre-vacuum and drying. The Vacuklav 41 B+ has a patented air cooling system, enabling it to really "stand-alone", because it only has to be plugged in order to work.

A very special advantage is the integrated software for clearance, labelling and tracing of the sterilized instruments, providing safety for the doctor and for the patients.

The extra-size of the colour-touch display makes work easier and helps to avoid errors in operation.

Installation and maintenance must be carried out by an accredited MELAG service technician. These costs are not included in this price. This must be discussed with Leading Dental prior to Dispatch.

Warranty2 years parts and 2 years labour. See attached warranty conditions in media section.
SupportAuthorized Technician Network
Featuresup to 6kg instruments, up to 2kg textiles
Features AdditionalFor more detailed specification see attachments in media section

Melag Sterilization and Disinfection Process

The integrated MELAG workflow for instrument decontamination is available as an innovative system solution, making MELAG your ideal provider - everything from a single source. Discover the perfect combination of MELAG products: washer-disinfectors, sealing devices and steam sterilizers.


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