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NSK iClave plus - Class B Autoclave - 18 Litre

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iClave plus

MODEL: iClave plus 230V

ORDER CODE: Y1003077


External dimensions (WxDxH)445 x 532 x 428 mm
Chamber dimensionsØ240 x 384 mm
Chamber capacity18 litre
Net weight55 kg
Maximum power consumption1,900W
Supply Voltage CE230V - 50Hz
Air expulsion systemVacuum pump 1,3,4 vacuum
Max Load solid4 kg
Max Load porous1.5 kg
1UNIVERSAL134°C5 min3 vacuumB
2DELICATE121°C20 min3 vacuumB
3FLASH134°C3 min2 vacuumS
4SMALL LOAD*1134°C5 min3 vacuumB
5PRION134°C18 min3 vacuumB
6CRITICAL 134°C134°C5 min4 vacuumB
7CRITICAL 121°C121°C20 min4 vacuumB
8SPECIAL105 - 135°C3-90 min2 - 4 vacuum-
  • • Bowie & Dick : 134°C / 3.5 min / 3 vacuum • Vacuum test : 20 min
  • *1 small load : included hollow instruments type A and B (MAX 0.5 kg)