Belmont Clesta II Dental Chair and Delivery

Belmont Clesta II Dental Chair and Delivery

100% Japanese made Belmont Clesta II Dental Chair and Delivery, offering quality, precision and sophistication for today's modern dental surgery. This future proof investment  is the most popular of the Belmont dental chairs in our range and  offers a host of features and options. Under the chassis of all Belmont Dental Chairs is a rock solid electric / hydraulic system renowned for its smoothness, quietness and outstanding reliability. The CLESTA II sets the standard for the next generation of dental treatment centres. Available with a plethora of options and instrumentation taking advantage of specialized skills and training, the CLESTA II allows the doctor to tailor the chair to his/her needs. The unit can be configured for use by left handed individuals, as well those that are right handed. The CLESTA II is offered in two types, Air (A) and Electric (E). The A Type is air driven, making for a less complicated unit, which is easier to troubleshoot and repair. The E Type has extra functionality, such as the ability to control electric micromotors.Belmont Clesta II Dental Chairs and Deliveries are available in Air and Electric Models, continental and hanging tubes as well as a split cart options.  Please Download a Clesta II Brochure Here and contact Steve on 0411 589 080 for more information and pricing.Features at a glance as provided from Belmont Website –>Chair- Featuring Belmont's exclusive electro-hydraulic system, for smooth movement with unparalleled reliability.- The low, 410mm initial height is beneficial for children, the elderly, and others who have trouble with tall seating.- The 790mm maximum height allows dentists to perform treatments while standing and without having to bend over excessively, which leads to discomfort and lower back pain.- Twin-Axis headrest as standard- Left and right arm rest as standard.

Axis Backrest- Synchronized axis backrest ensures optimum patient comfort at all times.- The backrest is ultra slim for easy access for both operator and assistant.

Operator's Table- Holder type or Rod type instrumentation.- Belmont 3-way syringe with three active handpiece outlets, fourth is optional.- Silicon tray mat standard.- Intra-oral size film viewer standard; panorama size optional.

Control Panel - Central Control Panel- Easily understood icons.- Easy to clean membrane switches to control chair movements, cuspidor bowl flush, and cup filler. The E Type control panel includes a display, which is used in a multitude of ways, such as controlling micromotor speeds, and accessing various settings.  

CuspidorIntegrated cuspidor- The highly durable integrated cuspidor creates an attractive, aseptic environment for the patient and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean.- Central vacuum system standard; air vacuum evacuator optional.- Central saliva ejector standard; water driven saliva ejector optional.- Timer controlled cupfiller and bowl flush; sensor is optional.- Water service outlet with flow adjustment standard; air service outlet without flow adjustment optional.- Water heater standard.- Transformer 24V/10A standard.- Clean water system optional.

Spittoon Bowl- The detachable glass bowl is rugged, transparent, and detachable for simplified sterilization.- Choose from clear, pink, green, and blue to match the atmosphere of your clinic.- The rotation function is optional, as is a ceramic bowl.

Assistant's Instrument Holder- The assistant's instrument holder includes a 3-way syringe, vacuum and saliva ejector tubings.- Easy clean membrane switches to control chair movements, cuspidor bowl flush, and cup filler.

Solid Collector- Easily accessed solid collector incorporates a detachable lid and filter to enable quick and efficient cleaning.


Dental Light 920 Dental Light

- White natural beam- Touchless sensor switch- 10 LED Bulbs- Composite curing safe mode- Triple Axis head movement- Auto on/off with pre-set positions



Rod Type - The hand instrument console can be located close to the oral cavity. Also, the swing arm provides smooth and easy movement to suit individual working positions and long hand instrument tubing offers a wider range of operating positions.

Cart Type - The split cart type crafted with a solid iron steel height adjustable frame offers additional flexibility with rear delivery system.

Pedestal Type - The pedestal type cuspidor has no umbilical; this eliminates the need for a utility box, making for a tidier appearance and simplified cleaning.

Please note that local options may vary slightly from the manufacturer's website. For more information on Belmont Clesta II Dental Chairs and Deliveries or to organise a show room appointment, call Steve on 0411 589 080.