Thanks to the technological and scientific watch unit and integrated research department, the SATELEC® product ranges are continuously enhanced to reflect the latest innovations and technological breakthroughs.

Satelec® presents its latest piezoelectric ultrasonic generator : Suprasson® P5 Newtron. Combining the benefits of powerful Newtron® technology in the state-of-the-art control module and the ergonomics of the patented Satelec Color Coding System, the P5 Newtron® provides the best performance and the widest choice of ultrasonic instruments available in the marketplace today. The Newtron technology enables real-time adjustment of the tips’ single plane oscillation amplitude (Cruise Control™) which means a smooth, constant and powerful vibration during treatment.


The latest generation L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) curing lights offer all that is expected of this new technology and the most recent design developed by Satelec® combines power, efficiency and speed. Its power (1,250mW/cm²) is greatly superior to that of most halogen lamps and nearly as efficient as plasma lamps, without raising the temperature. It emits light in the most efficient part of the spectrum, suiting all types of composites currently available : camphoroquinone (470nm), PPD or PAB (430nm) : it takes only 6 to 12 seconds to polymerize 3mm of any composite.


Softly is a universal high speed mixer for pre-measured capsules (amalgam, glass ionomer). It is controlled by a microprocessor which ensures precise repeatability of the selected time to ensure a controlled consistent mix. The aesthetically pleasing ergonomic design of the Softly allows for easy use and selection of the timer display.  

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