Ozone Water Systems

Ozone Water Systems

What are Ozone Water Systems? What is Ozonated Water? Why do I need an Ozone water system? You will find links on this page to articles and studies on Ozonated water which may help answer these questions.Let me start by giving a brief overview of my understanding of Ozonated Water and it's benefits. Let me make it clear that I am not an expert, but definitely a big fan of these systems.Through a system of Ozonation normal tap water can be transformed in to a new active component where the O2 molecules become O3 molecules. This transformation has a half life of about 20 minutes and gives water the amazing ability to kill up to 99.9% of nasty microbes and bacteria it comes in contact with, including bio film. It takes on similar characteristics to disinfectant, but with no unacceptable by-products, only oxygen.

Biowell offer cutting edge solutions for Ozone Water Systems. One secret among many is getting the concentrations of ozone correct and monitoring and maintaining this output.You've now read my brief  interpretation of Ozonated Water. Following are links to articles and studies from experts in their fields.Professor Laurence J Walsh wrote an article for the Australian Dental Practice magazine Jan / Feb 2011 on "Electrolytic ozonation of water: a new solution to the problem of dental unit waterline biofilms" Follow the link below to download this article.

Electrolytic ozonation Professor Walsh

If you like scientific data and research then there are some extra links below that you may want to look at.

Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

If you just want a simple overview on a video of how ozonated a water can have a place in everyday life and you are impressed by a women who can consistently use a large string of tongue twisting words fluently in a sentence, then watch this video. I found it a good introduction to Ozonated water and is an  easy to view presentation.


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