Product Warranty

NSK Back to Base Product Warranty

 NSK branded products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects or faulty materials. This guarantee does not cover abuse, misuse, overloading or neglect of normal maintenance or normal wear and tear. Each NSK branded product is designed and manufactured for a specific purpose and if used for purposes other than the intended clinical purpose, the product will not be covered by this guarantee. The benefits conferred by this guarantee are additional to all rights as covered in the Trade Practices Act (Australia), and other State and Territory laws and regulations in Australia.

Products which fail due to manufacturing defects or materials faults must be returned to NSK for repair or replacement at the sole discretion of NSK.

All NSK products provided under the terms of this offer are guaranteed to be in new working condition at the time of delivery and include a warranty under the following terms:

O-Rings, Light Bulbs and Batteries are offered with no warranty or guarantee. 

Proof of purchase date and Distributor is a strict requirement for any Warranty claim. NSK Warranty period is calculated for the period listed + 1 week from date of purchase.

Use of maintenance products not approved by NSK will invalidate the NSK Warranty.

NSK will offer a new product Warranty for NSK products resold by NSK Authorised Distributors within 2 years of the purchase date, by the NSK Authorised Distributor, from NSK Oceania.

Repairs performed by non authorised contractors, and the use of non genuine parts, will invalidate the NSK Warranty.

 Melag Importer Product Warranty


Unit is to be installed by an accredited service company or an approved company by Leading Dental and the Melag importer. The warranty registration card must be completed.

The terms are two years or 2000 cycles whichever comes first

Any repairs under warranty are by accredited agents only. Accredited agents can respond straight away without contacting Leading Dental or the importer. Companies who have received training & are under review to receive accreditation need to approach Leading Dental first.

The customer must have the 12 month maintenance performed & proof of this forwarded to Leading Dental so the second year warranty applies

Consumable items such as door gaskets, HEPA filters & drain line protection filters are not warranty items unless there is a drastic failure of these components. Other consumables are things like printer paper & ribbons.

Should a service company determine that the fault is operator error then this is not covered by warranty

Travelling costs in excess of one hour are not covered by warranty & this also applies to freight costs.

Cattani Product Warranty and  Warranty Statement

Warranty Period means (unless otherwise stated):

(a) for the Cattani range of compressors – 7 years, parts and labour from the date of purchase of the Product;

(b) for the Cattani range of SMART suction systems – 3 years, parts and labour from the date of purchase of the Product;

(c) for the Cattani range of Turbo Jet modular systems – 2 years, parts and labour from the date of purchase of the Product;

(d) in respect of all other Cattani Products – 1 year, parts and labour from the date of purchase of the Product;

(e) in respect of repairs undertaken to Cattani Products by Cattani or its authorised representatives– 6 months, on the parts repaired from the date of the repairs;