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Soredex Digora Optime Classic phosphor plate scanner digital x-ray system.

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DIGORA® Optime

Intraoral diagnostics. In a flash.

5th generation DIGORA® Optime continues the intraoral imaging revolution started by the original DIGORA® 20 years ago. The concise, easy to use design makes intraoral imaging more intuitive and efficient than ever before. Uncompromised image quality, with literally no buttons pressed.


  • Easy to set up, instantly ready for use 
  • Operation is “child’s play”, the system is truly intuitive and automatic 
  • No buttons to press during operation, just keep inserting the exposed imaging plates 
  • Familiar, film-like workflow facilitate introduction of digital imaging to your clinic
  • Delivers always images with good contrast with its Auto-Optimization –feature
  • Smart automated functions and economical network sharing
  • Latest generation, wireless and durable imaging plates with patented IDOT™ identification system (optional)
  • Comfortable and safe with unique hygiene accessories


  • Fast processing times, images displayed and ready for diagnosis in seconds
  • DIGORA® Optime imaging plates with high wear resistance serve you time after time
  • One DIGORA® Optime unit serves multiple operatory rooms
  • MULTICONNECT™ for controlled network sharing
  • Reliable, maintenance free design

Features Repeatable image quality

  • Fully automatic and optimized image processing 
  • Exposure assistant –feature guides for correct exposure settings 
  • High quality images are displayed in just seconds 
  • Processing speed is not dependent on image resolution

DIGORA® Optime DXR-60

TechnologyImaging plate 
(PSP = Photo Stimulable Phosphor plate)
Pixel size (selectable)30 µm (SUPER RESOLUTION) 
Resolution17 lp/mm
Readout time5 - 10 seconds (depending on the plate size)
ConnectionStandard network connection (Ethernet RJ45)
Dimensions (H x W x D)152 x 227 x 308 mm (6 x 8.9 x 12,1 “)
Weight3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
Operating voltage100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating systemWindows® 7 and 8


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