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Doctor D Dental Stool

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Doctor D Dental Stool

The product’s ergonomic design incorporates a firm forward sloping seat for optimal dental work postures. The natural elongated S - shape of the spine is compromised by soft seats, resulting in a slumped posture and spinal compression causing back and neck problems.

The firm and forward sloping seat

• allows the weight to fall through the sit bones, the anatomical weight bearers for sitting;
• reduces muscular effort required to maintain upright posture;
• reduces tendency to slump;
• allows the hip joints to be higher than the knees, which facilitates forward bending at the hip joints rather than distorting the spine.

Using your stool for the first time:

It is recommended that you don’t sit for long periods without breaks in the first few weeks of using your new product. The deep back muscles need to build up strength to support you sitting upright. As your muscles get stronger, you will be able to sit for longer periods with ease.

The job of our back muscles is to support an upright spine, but due to poor sitting posture these muscles are not activated with enough frequency to do this work.

The deep back muscles are activated when you are sitting on the product the correct way. As most people don’t engage their back muscles to support their spine when sitting, initially these muscles are not used to working.

Even after the deep back muscles are accustomed to activation through sitting on the product, it is important to stand up and move, even briefly, every 35 – 45 minutes. ‘Sitting is the new smoking’, according to latest research.



  • Made in Australia
  • Fully ergonomic
  • Seat height [min / max]: 490mm / 610mm*
  • High density Polyurethane Foam
  • Polyurethane soft tyre friction casters

*Standard seat height range. Different heights are available on request. Download our specs sheet for details.

Designed in collaboration with Dr Anikó Ball, founder of Optimum Dental Posture & Karyn Chapman, founder of The Back School.

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