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NSK ISO E-LUX High Intensity Intraoral LED Illumination Probe/ Connects to LED micromotors

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Intense direct illumination for diagnosis of cracks in teeth plus occlusal and interproximal caries not visible to the naked eye.


  • Connects direct to any (Air or Electric) Optic Micromotor
  • Cellular Glass Optics intensely transmits the light source allowing precise positioning of the beam to any tooth surface
  • 42,000 Lux Light
  • Slim and tapered stainless steel body for high visibility
  • Autoclavable and Thermo-disinfector ready


Hold at right angles to the buccal or lingual surfaces of the tooth to view occlusal or interproximal decay. To view cracks in teeth hold on the incisal edge. Diagnosis is best achieved with the operating light off.

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