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NSK Volvere i7 RM / Laboratory Micromotor System complete with Standard Micromotor

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NSK Volvere i7 Standard Micromotor System

A User-Friendly Micromotor for any Dental Laboratory

The VOLVERE i7 is another advance in NSK's quest to provide dental technicians access to its globally renowned dental laboratory engines. The stylish VOLVERE i7 delivers a compact, advanced design, all essential features and excellent value for money.  

Control Unit Features

  • Light and Compact to fit into the smallest space
  • Power consumption of the electric circuit is minimised to save electricity. 
  • Volvere i7 comes with an auto-cruise function that allows the operator to set a speed and take the foot off the foot control
  • Overload Alarm System - Overloading the motor triggers an alarm which shuts the power off to prevent damage from overheating

Micromotor Features

  • The handpiece incorporates the latest ergonomics that makes it easy to hold and minimises fatigue
  • Built-in dust proof system to prevent the ingress of debris into the bearings
  • Low Vibration and Low Noise

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