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Satelec Newtron P5 Booster

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NEWTRON® BOOSTER ultrasonic generator has been entirely reworked in terms of technology, ergonomics and design. This compact and stylished ultrasonic generator combines technologies for more efficient clinics and innovations that make the daily work easier.

Boost your performances with NEWTRON® BOOSTER

The PURE NEWTRON® technology, known as the Cruise Control® System, is recognised for its gentle vibrations and its efficiency. Each tip, carefully made in our factory, is always vibrating at the correct ultrasonic frequency creating a perfect working harmony between the generator, the handpiece, the tip and the user. The power is adjusted in real time depending on the resistance encountered by the tip, and the even vibrations are both efficient and more comfortable for the patient. Efficiency is maximal and treatments are painless.

A new design for improved ergonomics and better hygiene

With its elegant, clean lines, the design of the NEWTRON® BOOSTER has been carefully studied to meet the requirements of both ergonomics and hygiene. The front of the NEWTRON® BOOSTER, inclined at 45°, enables the practitioner to easily access his equipment and change its adjustments. The flat, smooth surface enhances rapid and safe cleaning. The silicone handpiece holders can be removed for a complete decontamination in an autoclave.

Multiple treatments thanks to the widest range of tips

With a graduation from 1 to 20, the power is accurately determined. With the wide range of tips developed by ACTEON® SATELEC®, the practitioner can realize all clinical treatments (periodontics, endodontics, prophylaxis and preparation of prostheses), while safely using the Color Coding™ System (CCS) for power selection of each tip.

Delivered With -

A autoclavable Suprasson Handpiece, N.1, N.2 and N.10P tips as well as an autoclavable universal wrench. 

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