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Satelec Newtron P5 B.LED

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Equipped with B.LED technology, the latest ACTEON® SATELEC® clinical innovation for the detection and treatment of dental plaque, the NEWTRON® P5 ultrasonic generator will revolutionize your daily work. Maximize your working time and your efficiency by being guided by the features of your new generation ultrasonic devices.

When design gets along with ergonomics and hygiene

NEWTRON® P5 will charm you with its elegance as well as its ergonomics.

  • Inclined front panel for better visibility and access to settings
  • Power knob easy to use even with gloves
  • New handpiece holders
    • Customizable: can be installed on the front or side of the device
    • In silicone, allowing two handpiece rest positions
  • Soothing lights diffusion highlighting the power chosen according to the Color Coding System™

B.LED technology, a new vision for scaling

Simultaneously detecting and removing dental plaque is now possible thanks to the B.LED technology, exclusive ACTEON®SATELEC® innovation.

The F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED plaque discloser, applied directly on teeth with brushes, will become fluorescent under the blue light of the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece.

  •  Areas to be scaled are clearly identified 
  • Scaling procedure is guided and optimised
  • The blue and white light of the handpiece protects visual comfort thanks to a perfect balance between the lighting of the working zone and the fluorescence of the plaque discloser.

Clinical versatility meets all requirements 

With a graduation from 1 to 20 and with the wide range of tips developed by ACTEON®SATELEC®, the practitioner can realize all clinical treatments and accurately determine the power. The practitionner can operate in complete safety while sustainably preserving the tips with the Color Coding System™ (CCS) :
- Choose the adapted tip => the colored ring indicates the appropriate power
- Select the power setting by turning the illuminated power knob to the matching color

Delivered With -

A Newtron Slim B.Led handpiece with blue ring, a white LED ring, a F.L.A.G kit (5x1.5ml), an australian power supply and a Pure Newtron Kit (n.1, n.1S, H3 tips and an autoclavable universal wrench)

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