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Melag MelaPrint 60 Barcode Label Printer

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The MELAprint 60 label printer can be connected directly to MELAG steam sterilizers of the Premium-Plus-Class or the Cliniclave® series. The labels for marking sterilized medical products can be printed directly after batch approval on the steam sterilizer screen: completely self-sufficiently, and entirely network-independent. Alternatively, when using the documentation software MELAtrace®, the MELAprint 60 can be integrated in the network and used for all connected MELAG steam sterilizers and the MELAtherm®. The labels specify all the necessary information pertaining to storage time, batch number, sterilization date, the person issuing approval and a barcode containing the clear PDF designation of the decontamination report. Regardless of whether the steam sterilizer or MELAtherm® is connected with the network, the barcode can be read in to the patient management system with conventional scanners. Labels can also be stuck to paper patient files. This makes it very easy to trace an instrument to a sterilization cycle and a patient to a sterilization batch.


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