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Satelec ET 18D Tip

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Cavity access preparation

Stainless stell mini-tip,diamond coated. For the swift elimination of dentinal overhangs, calcifications or filling materials in the pulp chamber. The tip can be used with irrigation.


Mastering dental ultrasonics does not stop at the creation of generators and control software, it also means designing the right accessories that will give them optimum vibration power and also guaranteeing their reliability. Our instruments are made from the best alloys, exclusive to Satelec, using patented procedures. We offer you a range of different coatings (diamond, thermal treatments) or materials (carbon) so you can choose the most suitable and efficient instrument for each material, giving you better performance. Satelec’s expertise in tuning all its ultrasonic instruments is second to none. Our transducers are probably the best in the world and certainly the only ultrasonic motors capable of driving all these tips at maximum performance, whatever their type or composition.

ACTEON SATELEC dental ultrasonic tip cavity access preparation


Corrosion resistant: the steel alloy we have chosen does not
corrode and is resistant to decontamination products as well as to
irrigation solutions.

Tensile strength: the manufacturing procedures are designed, and
the tensile properties adjusted, to suit the treatments for which
they are intended.

Sterilization: the tips are suitable for autoclave sterilization, to
comply with ISO-11134, as are the handpieces and accessories
(wrenches, storage kits, etc.):

  • Temperature: 134°C;
  • Pressure: 2 bars (29 P.S.I.);
  • Sterilization time: 18 minutes.

ACTEON SATELEC dental ultrasonic tip cavity access preparation


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