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Bevisto W2 (Alkaline) Suction Line Cleaner - 5 Litres

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New Environmentally Friendly and Safe Products Made in Australia!
Completely Bio Degradable Infection Control Range.

Certified Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly by REACH


5 Litre = 125 TREATMENTS ($1.05 per treatment)

Very effective cleaning agent (alkaline) for dental aspiration systems. Prepared as a 2% solution (20ml of Bevisto W2 to 980ml of warm water) resulting in 1 Litre ready for use solution. Rinse 1L of the prepared solution through the aspiration tubes and spittoon bowl. No Phenols, No Aldehydes and non-foaming. Biodegradable to OECD standards.
Please Note: In order to achieve maximum cleaning effects, alternate with Bevisto W1 weekly. 1 Week Acidic and 1 Week Alkaline. .

Bevisto W1 and Bevisto W2 (Aspiration Cleaner/Suction Unit)

Bevisto W1 and Bevisto W2 is a dual pH system for the daily treatment of suction units and aspiration cleaners. Bevisto W1 (Acidic) acts as a shock treatment, flushing out any proteins that have attached themselves to the suction lines and then Bevisto W2 (Alkaline) product acts as a cleaner.

- TGA listed
- Above Australian standards
- Manufactured in Australia
- Dual pH system prevents blocking
- No Phenols or Aldehydes
- Non foaming


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